I can’t log in to the portal. Help!
We’re sorry you’re having problems logging into the portal. Please make sure that you’re entering the correct details as shown below. If you're still experiencing problems, please contact Next who will be able to help.

Return Reference: You can find your return reference on the delivery note that was in the package. If you don’t have this, please contact Next and they will provide the returns reference for you.

Registered email address: Please enter the email address you provided to Next when you made your order.
I did not get a delivery note. Can I still return an item?
If you didn’t receive a delivery note, no problem; you can still return an item. Please contact Next and they can provide your returns reference so that you can log into the portal and arrange your return.
The Returns Portal is not working/I can’t generate a label. Help!
We’re sorry you’re having problems logging on to the portal. Try and refresh the page a few times. If you still see an error message or the portal isn’t working, it might mean that we are experiencing technical difficulties. Please speak to the Next team who will be able to help.
I can’t email myself the label. What should I do?
If you’re having problems emailing the returns label, you can log into the portal and download the label to print. Alternatively, you can contact the Next team and they can help you further.
I can’t find the details in the portal for the item that I want to return. How can I return this?
Please check that you are entering the correct returns reference. Each order has a separate returns reference, so if you wish to return items from multiple orders, you will need to arrange a separate return for each order. If all your information is correct and the item you want to return does not appear in the portal, please contact Next.
I’ve changed my mind. How can I cancel the return?
If you’ve changed your mind and you’ve decided to keep your items, no problem. You won’t be charged unless you have returned your parcel at the post office.
I forgot to print my label. How can I get a new label?
If you forgot to print your label or email it to yourself, no problem. You can log back into the portal by clicking here and follow the below instructions:

1. Enter your returns reference and registered email address. Click Submit.

2. You should see the ‘Reprint’ button on the bottom left hand side. Simply click on this and you can print your label.
I can’t print my returns label, can I still return an item?
If you don’t have a printer yourself, you are able to email the label to someone else who does. Just input their email address and select the ‘Email Label’ button.

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