Returns (International)


So it didn’t work out and you want to return your sweater?

That’s OK, don’t feel bad. I mean, we’ll certainly be sad for a while but with some weeks of intense mental training we will get over it. Whether it was the wrong fit, the wrong colour or something just didn’t feel 100% right, we will accept your return providing it complies with our Terms and Conditions.


How long have I got from delivery?

Given you are visiting us from an exotic far off land, you will likely not have the benefit of the Consumer Contracts Regulations 2013 in the UK. However, all members of the flock are equal in our eyes so, regardless of where you’re from, if you request a refund within 28 days of receiving your sweater, we'll aim to give you a full refund.


I can’t return it, I’m away on holiday / at work / a ten week holistic yoga retreat in Bali.

Sadly we do insist on receiving the sweater back within the 28 day timeframe. That said, if you can’t return it to us in time then get in touch. Any decision to award a refund beyond the allocated periods is in Sheep’s sole discretion.  


I LOVE the sweater but it just doesn’t fit. Can I exchange it instead?

Of course you can! We’d be delighted to offer you an exchange instead of a refund.  When you log in to the My Account section of our website and select ‘Returns’ please just make sure you make it clear you want an exchange instead (including selecting the reason why it needs to be exchanged). If you are exchanging for a different size then please check out our size guide before re-ordering. We’ll have a nice shiny new sweater sent out to you free of charge in no time. We’ll even give you a tracking number so you can watch it all the way to your outstretched arms.


OK, so talk me through returns. What do I do?

Start by logging in to the My Account section of our website using your details and then click the My Orders tab. Click on your Order Number and then select whether you want to return your jumper for an exchange or for a refund. Please select a reason for the return as this will help us to process your return more quickly and click the Submit button.


If you’re based outside the UK (but not in Austria or New Zealand):

Following above process will redirect you to our returns portal where you can generate your pre-paid returns label. All you need is your Order Number and the email address you used during your order or your post code.

Please follow the instructions on the returns portal and the system will generate a return label for you, ready for you to be printed – just like magic. You can also decide to email the return label to yourself for a special moment (for example when you are close to the office printer). Wrap your jumper up nice and warm in the Sheep Inc. box together with all other packaging elements, reseal the box using the return strip and stick the label on the side. In case you do not have the original Sheep Inc. box by hand, feel free to use another box but please make sure it is properly protected from wear or staining. Then please post it from your indicated drop off point on the returns portal and whisper it goodbye. 

We will also send you a tracking number just in case you would like to know where your sweater is on his return journey. We will let you know when we are holding it safely in our arms and will start processing your exchange/refund.


If you’re based in Austria or New Zealand:

If you are based in either Austria or New Zealand then unfortunately we are not yet able to offer pre-paid postage labels. This is certainly no conspiracy against your beautiful countries and please trust us that we are working hard to rectify this. The good news is that it does not stop you from returning the item to us for free, but you will have to pay for postage.

Please package up your sweater into the Sheep Inc. box together with all other packaging elements, reseal the box using the return strip and post to: Asendia, Unit 2B Viking Industrial Estate, Hudson Road, Bedford, MK41 0QB, United Kingdom. Again, if you already recycled the original Sheep Inc. box, feel free to use another box of your liking but please make sure it is properly protected.

We would highly recommend getting proof of postage so we can attempt to track it down if it has not arrived. We will let you know when we are holding it safely in our arms and will start processing your refund/exchange.

Please still go through the returns process on our website so we are expecting your sweater back. If you simply send it to us without registering your request then any refund or exchange could be delayed.


Is it going to cost me money?

Unless you are posting from Austria or New Zealand then postage is paid for by Sheep. To our Austrian and Kiwi friends… sorry. We’re working on it.


When do I get my cold hard dollar back?

Whilst we are slightly reliant on your card provider to meet their end of the bargain, we always aim to refund you within 14 days of receiving the returned sweater.


Can’t we just email you?

We love hearing from our lovely customers. Particularly when you’re reaching out to tell us how incredibly happy your new sweater and sheep are in your family. For exchanges and refunds however, we prefer the slightly less personal route on the returns portal (via logging in to My Account). This is the only way we can ensure a safe and swift returns process.


What if it’s not as ‘new’ as it should be?

We absolutely expect you to try your sweater on and strike numerous poses in front of the mirror. Just please don’t actually ‘wear’ it if you intend to return it. We check each sweater that is returned with a keen eye. If it is stained, stretched, damaged or otherwise in an unsuitable condition then we reserve the right to withhold a refund/exchange and may simply send it back to you.

We cannot be held responsible for damage that is done when you are posting it back to us so please wrap it up tight so that it is protected from the elements and comes back to us looking like the day it was born.

It’s not obligatory but if you can retain as much original packaging and labelling, please do. It would really help us. Plus it will help make your return faster so win-win.  

We don’t judge.

Returns happen. It’s part of the circle of life. So we want to make it clear that seeking a return will not affect your statutory rights.

But be nice.

We’re good people who love sweaters, trees and fluffy animals. Please be nice to us in return. If we do think that you are returning much more than any regular customer or we have reason to believe you are returning things maliciously or with consistent damage, we may have to de-activate your account. Whilst we would be heartbroken to do so and hope it will never come that far, we have to reserve this right just in case.